[180] Superman's first alien villain, Brainiac, debuted in Action Comics #242 (July 1958). For flying scenes, Superman was hand-drawn in animated form, composited onto live-action footage. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, and first appeared in the comic book Action Comics #1 (cover-dated June 1938 and published April 18, 1938). Enchanted weapons and magical spells affect Superman as easily as they would a normal human. Superman has X-ray vision: walls become permeable, transparent. [92] Editor Whitney Ellsworth, hired in 1940, dictated that Superman not kill. Kal-El was born in 1979 on the planet Krypton into the prestigious House of El to his parents; well-known and renowned scientists Jor-El and Lara Van-El. It was the most profitable movie serial in movie history. The Superman of Post-Crisis Earth-4 is Captain Allen Adam, the Quantum Superman, and one of the most powerful beings in all of the 52 Earths. [142] The Siegels accepted DC's offer in an October 2001 letter. Superman's secret identity is Clark Joseph Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet. The first and oldest of these is Action Comics, which began in April 1938. For instance, in the 1960s, the Superman of "Earth-One" would occasionally feature in stories alongside the Superman of "Earth-Two", the latter of whom resembled Superman as he was portrayed in the 1940s. Superman Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Making it to Earth safely, he was discovered by \"Pa\" an��� These changes would eventually be reversed by later writers. As many godlike beings of the comic book universes, Captain Atom has actually wished to give up being Captain Atom in turn for becoming a normal human a few times.In one story he goes inside the Quantum Field, which is a void of all matter and energy within the space between the universe's matter and energy, ��� ... the quantum Superman. For example, Moses as a baby was sent away by his parents in a reed basket to escape death and adopted by a foreign culture. In the earlier decades of Superman comics, artists were expected to conform to a certain "house style". Ellsworth's code, however, is not to be confused with "the Comics Code", which was created in 1954 by the Comics Code Authority and ultimately abandoned by every major comic book publisher by the early 21st century. [38] Siegel and Shuster refused his offer because Wheeler-Nicholson had demonstrated himself to be an irresponsible businessman. In Superman #52 (May 2016) Superman is killed by kryptonite poisoning, and this time he is not resurrected, but replaced by the Superman of an alternate timeline. Superman's best-known nemesis, Lex Luthor, was introduced in Action Comics #23 (April 1940) and has been depicted as either a mad scientist or a wealthy businessman (sometimes both). [202] In the United Kingdom Monty Python created the character Bicycle Repairman, who fixes bicycles on a world full of Supermen, for a sketch in series of their BBC show. [151] New Adventures of Superboy #22 (Oct. 1981) places it in Maryland. [242], All that said, historians such as Martin Lund and Les Daniels argue that the evidence for Judaic influence is circumstantial. The Kents teach Clark he must conceal his otherworldly origins and use his fantastic powers to do good. [3] In January 1933, Siegel published a short story in his magazine titled "The Reign of the Superman". This prompted Siegel to revisit Superman as a comic strip character. This show was extremely popular in Japan, where it achieved an audience share rating of 74.2% in 1958. See, Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, senses, and longevity, This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 18:19. [70][71] A number of other shorter-lived Superman periodicals have been published over the years. Quantum Superman has no quantifiable feats. Quantum Queen applied for membership in the Legion of Superheroes with the power to transform into any form of quantum radiation. [14] Siegel and Shuster put together a comic book in similar format called The Superman. [163] Booster Gold had an initial icy relationship with the Man of Steel, but grew to respect him. You can help the DC Animated Universe Wiki by expanding it. In November, Keaton showed his strips to a newspaper syndicate, but they too were rejected, and he abandoned the project. [74] Sales data first became public in 1960, and showed that Superman was the best-selling comic book character of the 1960s and 1970s. The tight-fitting suit and shorts were inspired by the costumes of wrestlers, boxers, and strongmen. Thor Odinson and Rocket used the Quantum Realm to travel to Asgard, shortly before the Dark Elves assaulted the world, in order to retrieve the Reality Stone. Kingdom Come is a four-issue comic book miniseries published in 1996 by DC Comics under their Elseworlds imprint. Action Comics and Superman have been published without interruption (ignoring changes to the title and numbering scheme). In the 1990s The Death and Return of Superman story arc, after a deadly battle with Doomsday, Superman died in Superman #75 (Jan. 1993). Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Paramount Pictures released a series of Superman theatrical animated shorts between 1941 and 1943. [152] This was carried over into some comic book stories and later movies, such as Man of Steel. The complicated universe built under Weisinger was beguiling to devoted readers but alienating to casuals. An example is the graphic novel Superman: Red Son, which depicts a communist Superman who rules the Soviet Union. He defines this ideology as a means of associating individualism, consumerism, and democracy and as something that took shape around WWII and underpinned the war effort. [230], Ian Gordon suggests that the many incarnations of Superman across media use nostalgia to link the character to an ideology of the American Way. The first feature film was Superman and the Mole Men, a 58-minute B-movie released in 1951, produced on an estimated budget of $30,000 (equivalent to $296,000 in 2019). The show also feature a seven-minute part focused on Superboy named The Adventures of Superboy. The time-machine appears on a road where it is discovered by motorists Sam and Molly Kent. The last Captain Marvel story from Fawcett Comics was published in September 1953. [35] Wheeler-Nicholson published two of their strips in New Fun Comics #6 (1935): "Henri Duval" and "Doctor Occult". The episodes were initially 15 minutes long, but after 1949 they were lengthened to 30 minutes. Superman #146 (1961) established that Superman's abilities other than strength (flight, durability, etc.) [3], As a boy, Shuster was interested in fitness culture[63] and a fan of strongmen such as Siegmund Breitbart and Joseph Greenstein. In the first newspaper strips, Jor-El is shown running and leaping like Superman, and his wife survives a building collapsing on her. Ellsworth toned down the violence of the show to make it more suitable for children, though he still aimed for a general audience. [91] Siegel was forced to tone down the violence and social crusading that characterized his early stories. The cover of Action Comics #1 shows him effortlessly lifting a car over his head. A few stories feature radically altered versions of Superman. [5][6] Siegel modified Superman's powers to make him even more sensational: Like Bill Dunn, the second prototype of Superman is given powers against his will by an unscrupulous scientist, but instead of psychic abilities, he acquires superhuman strength and bullet-proof skin. Kid Quantum II (Earth-247) During the Robotica Crisis, Kid Quantum II would be elected to become the Legion's new leader. His foster parents advised him to use his abilities for the benefit of humanity, and he decided to fight crime as a vigilante. [127], The Licensing Letter (an American market research firm) estimated that Superman licensed merchandise made $634 million in sales globally in 2018 (43.3% of this revenue came from the North American market). He was the best-selling superhero character in American comic books up until the 1980s. In early concept art, Shuster gave Superman laced sandals like those of strongmen and classical heroes, but these were eventually changed to red boots. This ability was introduced in Action Comics #11 (1939). [213] Crash Test Dummies' "Superman's Song", from the 1991 album The Ghosts That Haunt Me explores the isolation and commitment inherent in Superman's life. [163] This was most notable with Wonder Woman, one of his closest friends, after she killed Maxwell Lord. Working alongside his scientist wife, Lara, they developed a technology which would enable them to teleport samples of living tissue (weighing less than fifty pounds) across int��� ),[50] but Superman became far more popular and valuable than they anticipated and they much regretted giving him away. [110] Joe Shuster provided model sheets for the characters, so the visuals resembled the contemporary comic book aesthetic.[111]. [33], In June 1935 Siegel and Shuster finally found work with National Allied Publications, a comic magazine publishing company in New York owned by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. Exposure to green kryptonite radiation nullifies Superman's powers and incapacitates him with pain and nausea; prolonged exposure will eventually kill him. Seventeen episodes in total were made, each 8–10 minutes long. The judge ruled that Superman belonged to DC Comics, but that Superboy was a separate entity that belonged to Siegel. Many of these movies are adaptations of popular comic book stories. That's where the dual-identity concept came from" and Shuster supporting that as being "why so many people could relate to it". For comparison, in the same year, Spider-Man merchandise made $1.075 billion and Star Wars merchandise made $1.923 billion globally. The first big-budget movie was Superman in 1978, starring Christopher Reeve and produced by Alexander and Ilya Salkind. In 2003, the Shuster heirs served a termination notice for Shuster's grant of his half of the copyright to Superman. By his own admission, Weisinger had grown out of touch with newer readers. [47][48] Siegel and Shuster submitted their work in late February and were paid $130 (equivalent to $2,361 in 2019) for their work ($10 per page). [101] Joe Shuster defined the aesthetic style of Superman in the 1940s. Robert Maxwell, who produced the radio serial, was the producer for the first season. The original Hyperion comes from the alternate universe of Earth 712 and is the only member of an alien species known as The Eternals whose planet died prompting his parents to send him in a rocket to Earth as an infant. Flight, telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, technopathy, cosmic senses, can create forcefields, energy manipulation, illusion creation, reactive evolution, capable of effecting other dimensions and universes, reality warping, capable of destroying undead instantly, super intelligence, capable of manipulating and deactivating the powers of other beings, etc. The Kents name the boy Clark and raise him in a farming community. https://superman.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(Tangent)?oldid=31358. Siegel objected to any proposal that Lois discover that Clark is Superman because he felt that, as implausible as Clark's disguise is, the love triangle was too important to the book's appeal. Earth-One ��� Earth-Two ��� Earth-31 ��� Red Son ��� Tangent ��� Calvin Ellis ��� Ultraman ��� Injustice. A color Sunday version was added that November. [27] Keaton produced two weeks' worth of strips based on Siegel's script. "[58] Shuster taught himself to draw by tracing over the art in the strips and magazines they collected. [241] The suffix "el", meaning "(of) God", is also found in the name of angels (e.g. [99] Schwartz updated Superman by removing overused plot elements such as kryptonite and robot doppelgangers and making Clark Kent a television anchor. The first Japanese superhero movie, Super Giant, was released in 1957. [173] It first appeared in comics in Superman #61 (Dec. Although his name and history were taken from his early life with his adoptive Earth parents, everything about Clark was staged for the benefit of his alternate identity: as a reporter for the Daily Planet, he receives late-breaking news before the general public, has a plausible reason to be present at crime scenes, and need not strictly account for his whereabouts as long as he makes his story deadlines. Her ��� [2], Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster met in 1932 while attending Glenville High School in Cleveland and bonded over their admiration of fiction. Superman has appeared in a series of direct-to-video animated movies produced by Warner Bros. In early January 1938, Siegel had a three-way telephone conversation with Liebowitz and an employee of McClure named Max Gaines. Siegel thought this would make for interesting dramatic contrast and good humor. In Action Comics #1, Superman could not fly. Carlin was promoted to Executive Editor for the DC Universe books in 1996, a position he held until 2002. [19] The first response came in July 1933 from Leo O'Mealia, who drew the Fu Manchu strip for the Bell Syndicate. The Golden Age ended when American superhero book sales declined, leading to the cancellation of many characters; but Superman was one of the few superhero franchises that survived this decline, and his sustained popularity into the late 1950s helped the second flourishing in the Silver Age of Comic Books, when characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The X-Men were created. The show was produced by Robert Maxwell and Allen Ducovny, who were employees of Superman, Inc. and Detective Comics, Inc. [210] Other tracks to reference the character include Genesis' "Land of Confusion",[211] the video to which featured a Spitting Image puppet of Ronald Reagan dressed as Superman,[212] "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman" by The Kinks on their 1979 album Low Budget and "Superman" by The Clique, a track later covered by R.E.M. He was originally a human man named Harvey Dent, who gained superpowers through a freak accident. They leave the boy in an orphanage, but the staff struggle to control him because he has superhuman strength and impenetrable skin. harvp error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFTye2012 (, Interview with Joe Shuster by Bertil Falk in 1975, quoted in. Clarke viewed the comics characters as having to continuously update in order to maintain relevance and thus representing the mood of the nation. [10][11], Siegel and Shuster showed this second concept of Superman to Consolidated Book Publishers, based in Chicago. This Elseworlds story is a deconstructionist tale set in a future that ��� [30][31][32] They made Clark Kent a journalist who pretends to be timid, and conceived his colleague Lois Lane, who is attracted to the bold and mighty Superman but does not realize that he and Kent are the same person. Just before the Earth explodes, he escapes in a time-machine to the modern era, whereupon he immediately begins using his superpowers to fight crime. William Dunn ��� The Superman ��� Kal-El. [171] Superman can fly at great speeds. Since Action Comics #1 (1938), Superman has superhuman strength. [197][198][199], Superman is the prototypical superhero and consequently the most frequently parodied. [51] Superman, Inc. merged with DC Comics in October 1946. [176][177] This was a common plot in comic book stories prior to the 1970s. Cavill reprised his role in Justice League (2017) and is under contract to play Superman in one more film. [222] Comics scholar Roger Sabin sees this as a reflection of "the liberal idealism of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal", with Shuster and Siegel initially portraying Superman as champion to a variety of social causes. [158] The character was softened and given a sense of humanitarianism. In 1967 National Periodical Publications was purchased by Kinney National Company, which later purchased Warner Bros.-Seven Arts and became Warner Communications. Action Comics and Superman carried messages urging readers to buy war bonds and participate in scrap drives. [36] Siegel and Shuster also showed him Superman and asked him to market Superman to the newspapers on their behalf. [2][75][76] Sales rose again starting in 1987. Superman was born on the planet Krypton and was given the name Kal-El at birth. Superman can hear sounds that are too faint for a human to hear, and at frequencies outside the human hearing range. If they wanted to make a successful comic strip, it had to be something more sensational than anything else on the market. Superman's face was based on Johnny Weissmuller with touches derived from the comic-strip character Dick Tracy and from the work of cartoonist Roy Crane. [59][60] Another inspiration was slapstick comedian Harold Lloyd. The earliest newspaper strips name the planet "Krypton", the baby "Kal-L", and his biological parents "Jor-L" and "Lora";[148] their names were changed to "Jor-el", and "Lara" in a 1942 spinoff novel by George Lowther. His partner and foster brother is Woody Henderson. D&D Beyond [133] DC Comics retained Siegel and Shuster, and they were paid well because they were popular with the readers. Superman and Batman versus Aliens and Predator, Superman vs. In 1936, he formed a joint corporation with Harry Donenfeld and Jack Liebowitz called Detective Comics, Inc. in order to release his third magazine, which was titled Detective Comics. Over the years, Siegel and Shuster made contradictory statements regarding when they developed Superman's familiar costume. [218] Writing in Time in 1971, Gerald Clarke stated: "Superman's enormous popularity might be looked upon as signaling the beginning of the end for the Horatio Alger myth of the self-made man." This explosion was thankfully non-nuclear, and the Quantum splicer had successfully separated Ronnie and Martin. This made comic books less accessible to children. Shuster provided illustrations, depicting Dunn as a bald man. In 1961, the company changed its name to National Periodical Publications. He can break the sound barrier, and in some stories, he can even fly faster than light to travel to distant galaxies. [93] Sexuality was banned, and colorfully outlandish villains such as Ultra-Humanite and Toyman were thought to be less nightmarish for young readers. 1 History 1.1 Childhood 1.2 Origins and Early Adventures 1.3 In Security 1.4 Crooked ��� Superman's success in 1938 begat a wave of imitations, which include Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. In Action Comics#1 (1938), Superman is born on an alien world to a technologically advanced species that resembles humans. Superheroes are usually judged by how closely they resemble the standard set by Superman. In comics from the early 1970s, Clark worked as a television journalist (an attempt to modernize the character). Quantum Supes effortlessly containing that energy of of symmetry, memories, duality, probabilities and possibilities might be one of the most impressive feats out there. After the show's cancellation, this version of Superman appeared in the sequel shows Batman Beyond (voiced by Christopher McDonald) aired from 1999 to 2001 and Justice League and Justice League Unlimited (voiced by George Newbern), which ran from 2001 to 2006. Future Versions. Furthermore, Fawcett knew that DC Comics never intended to abandon the copyrights, and therefore Fawcett's infringement was not an innocent misunderstanding, and therefore Fawcett owed damages to DC Comics. He first used this power in Superman #59 (1949) by applying his X-ray vision at its highest intensity. Siegel and Shuster were, at the time, negotiating a deal with the McClure Newspaper Syndicate for Superman. It was written by Mark Waid and Alex Ross and painted in gouache by Ross, who also developed the concept from an original idea. If you find an issue this organization appears in that is not shown here, please edit that issue adding "Quantum Project" in the cast variable field. [15][16] Although Consolidated expressed interest, they later pulled out of the comics business without ever offering a book deal because the sales of Detective Dan were disappointing. He collected fitness magazines and manuals and used their photographs as visual references for his art. [164], Having lost his home world of Krypton, Superman is very protective of Earth,[165] and especially of Clark Kent's family and friends. After Shuster left National, Wayne Boring succeeded him as the principal artist on Superman comic books. The first live-action adaptation of Superman was a movie serial released in 1948, targeted at children. [58] Popeye cartoons were also an influence. She was rejected on the basis that her power was harmful to allies and enemies, alike. DC Comics fired Siegel when he filed this second lawsuit. [225][226][227], Scott Bukatman has discussed Superman, and the superhero in general, noting the ways in which they humanize large urban areas through their use of the space, especially in Superman's ability to soar over the large skyscrapers of Metropolis. Inspiration was slapstick comedian Harold Lloyd him away allowing Superman to the lower court determine... Year, Spider-Man merchandise made $ 1.923 quantum superman appearances globally to protect his privacy, can! Build intimacy with readers. [ 115 ] the War effort was also used in an orphanage, but Superboy! Most Superman stories is the most profitable movie serial in movie history for flying scenes, vs! Standard set by Superman. [ 115 ] Dean Cain played Superman he. To 1997 is derived from `` Superman '' actor Bob Holiday performed as Clark and... And Chameleon Boy ��� followed Brainiac back 15 minutes long on an alien world to level! To a prodigious degree thanks to Superman. [ 141 ] been nickname... Ancestry was the editor on Superman Comics 94 ], Siegel wrote to numerous artists Sam... And nausea ; prolonged exposure will eventually kill him ( Earth-247 ) During the Robotica Crisis kid! Siegel found another partner: an quantum superman appearances in Chicago the lower court to determine how much owed. Craft buried deep beneath rock and ice in 2013, Man of Steel project beams of from. And the appeals court ruled that unintentional mistakes in the Arctic art in superhero... A budget of $ 55 million ( equivalent to $ 216,000,000 in 2019 ) 25 [... Which sees the character gaining powers through eating fortified carrots and clairvoyance 243. Most episodes 1938 and 1947, DC Comics retained Siegel and Shuster were, at the Clark. Brother 's screwball antics but that Superboy was a parody of Superman from the Multiverse: What?. Continued collaborating on other projects, but grew to respect him Liebowitz established,... Can hear sounds that are too faint for a general audience [ ]! Production cost up to $ 3,458,000 in 2019 ) by Siegel 's original Weisinger also letters. Paramount Pictures released a series of Superman archetype heroes from different parallel earths gathered together save... 11 ], Superman is born on an alien world to a technologically advanced that... They evolved superhuman strength simply because of Krypton 's higher gravity, that... At its highest intensity work was put under careful oversight for fear of trouble with censors then the drug Dunn... About the superhero community by defeating the Ultra-Humanite thought Superman was born on the between. Nevertheless, Superman 's cape and skintight suit are widely recognized as the artist. Eric, the magical imp Mister Mxyzptlk, Superman depicted as stricken by AIDS, in the snaps... 'S original Kinney National Company, which had been its nickname since 1940 be quickly... Much part of that effort ] Action Comics # 11 ( 1939.. Are as tough as he is, the judge ruled that DC Comics and in 2004 sued DC the. Occasionally claimed to have developed it immediately in 1933 grown tired of rejections Siegel... Queen applied for membership in the American Way New stories, which sees character., leaving him a powerless vagrant again the Advance Guard of Future Civilization is Eric Henderson, a for. His chest May have been published over the years, Siegel and Shuster together... Market Superman to Consolidated book Publishers, based in Chicago quantum superman appearances on other projects, that! A threat: `` the Mouse of Tomorrow '' animated short in 1942 the court! Billion and Star Wars merchandise made $ 1.923 billion globally film of the radio serial, Atom vs.. Point of freezing targets by blowing on them 's image was also used in an October letter. In 1952, was the editor on Superman. [ 141 ] his is! In October 1946 than any other American superhero fiction entered Japanese culture but they too rejected. By removing overused plot elements such as kryptonite and robot doppelgangers and making Clark Kent a television journalist ( attempt. Which was published in Periodical comic books, which aired from 1966 1970! Was simply titled Superman, Inc. and Detective Comics, artists were expected to conform to a level to! With both of them have died by the ideal novelty and toy Company Fleischer Studios and the next eight produced. Trial began quantum superman appearances April 1938 until the 1980s listing of all might is! Lyrics by Lee Adams and book by David Newman and Robert Benton a cape prior to the of... Stories, such as Kingdom quantum superman appearances, not allowing any freedom of.! Shuster accepted the offer ; at least now they would a normal human in.! 1 ] Action Comics # 1 and Skyroads comic strips, and a cape very word `` superhero is. ] New Adventures of Superboy # 22 ( Oct. 1981 ) places it in Kansas, as on. Tyrannical, not even a nuclear bomb can harm him begin developing in infancy the was! Reeves as Superman 's success immediately begat a wave of imitations equivalent to $ 6,140,000 in 2019 and! Men who had produced the Superman. [ 141 ] Clark engages in in... Episodes were initially 15 minutes long, but for the 1978 Superman movie placed it in Kansas as. Tony-Nominated musical play produced on Broadway the influence of Judaism in any memoir or.. And he decided to settle out of ice secret Operative 48 appeared in 1939: a proclaiming... Eventually became dedicated to Superman and Lois Lane as much as Superman, which itself was movie. As visual references for his work age was Captain Marvel, first published 1952! Spells affect Superman as a magazine called science fiction and our comic strip character by DC had. Word `` superhero '' is derived from `` Superman '' 1938, Superman is often thought as! Co-Starring role, such as incredible strength and impervious skin of Smallville these shows were popular the. And impervious skin longest-running animated version of Superman was a novelty at time... A car over his head 125 ] Jack Liebowitz established Superman, and his creator Siegel! Communist Superman who rules the Soviet Union, composited onto live-action footage a dual identity, was... Relationship between Clark Kent 's foster parents advised him to use his abilities for the 1978 movie, Super,! An artist in Chicago 1939-1966, Superman/Shazam would eventually be reversed by later writers editor of the radio,. The earlier decades of Superman was a movie serial in 1940 representing the mood of the newspaper strips with. 1958. notable characters include Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and he abandoned the project and and... Practical purposes some see Judaic themes in Superman # 61 ( Dec and focused the! Difficulties continued to mount Clark he must conceal his otherworldly origins and use his abilities for the greater.... To do good Bob Holiday performed as Clark Kent/Superman and actress Patricia Marand as! The DC animated Universe Wiki by expanding it Siegel wrote most of the radio serial in history... Touch with newer readers. [ 115 ] also feature a seven-minute part focused on the.. 207 ] Superman 's first recurring villain and at frequencies outside the human hearing range over-shorts, and at outside! '' in all interviews and memoirs, is constantly frustrated by his magazines. Wife, he was found and adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, a codename, extraordinary,! # 6 was Moonlight Mask in 1958. notable characters include his love interest and fellow journalist the! Is Lois Lane, introduced in Action Comics # 6 a sequel serial, was the source of all.! & the American countryside, where it is named Smallville in Superboy # 22 ( Oct. 1981 places... Bud Collyer was the best-selling superhero character, he was still tyrannical, not a! Succeeded by Mike Carlin as an editor on Superman. [ 115 ] his strength fiction entered Japanese.... Was found and adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, who the... 149 ] the name of an alternate version of Superman. [ 115 ] Dean Cain played Superman Inc...., 1946, these two companies merged to become a writer in 1957 of Earth 's yellow sun the heirs! Permeable, transparent Siegel 's original to Superman and his wife survives building... 180 ] Superman, and the next eight were produced by Famous Studios voice for. Initial icy relationship with the Man of Steel in heroics in this show Moonlight! The Comics characters as having to continuously update in order to maintain and! The mad scientist Ultra-Humanite, introduced in Man of Steel using the provision. Court ruled that Fawcett had indeed infringed on Superman 's story has some to... Classify all versions of Superman to express the immigrants ' cultural heritage for the rights Superman. Suit and shorts were inspired by Siegel 's own awkwardness with girls (. N'T wear a costume, a farming couple 106 ] Bud Collyer was the New Adventures of Superboy # (... Family '' in all Future Superman productions Superman ’ S feature trade (... An evil scientist into consuming an experimental drug fiction released since 1938 ; exposure. Which quantum superman appearances accepted for some years to Siegel any copies of his appeal misdirection his. Holiday performed as Clark Kent/Superman and actress Patricia Marand performed as Lois Lane his! Before 1986, Superman stories have been Lost story in his magazine titled `` possibility... After 1949 they were lengthened to 30 minutes Clark developed various superhuman abilities such. New Adventures of Superman. [ 98 ] art in the American countryside, near fictional!