“sour grapes” = æmbul mi∙dhi (but if you’re referring to the popular rhetoric “sour grapes”, I can’t say I’ve heard it in Sinhala, so it might not make sense if you just say it like that). Hope it’s going well with the neighbors and the family. Isn’t Jack fruit called Kos in Singhala? Best wishes, Bob. I’m guessing it’s got the word “berry” at the end :), Hello friend, Very nice of you. The skin of the dried fruit is wrinkled and covered with a waxy film, sticky. Oh wow, that’s amazing and I didn’t know that. Which fruits did you think that only you guys had? In fact I got a wide variety of comments and emails to this post which made me realize what different people considered “common” or “exotic” (which, like you said, depended on where they were from). :-D, Doesn’t ring a bell unfortunately, I first thought you might be referring to a star fruit but the shape doesn’t match. I am now teaching in a village school outside Mirigama. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2017-07-13 Yeah yeah, I know it’s a bold title but the question is, “Do you accept my challenge, you Fruit Connoisseur?”. Awesome. This mixture is typically called an “ach∙chaa∙ru”. Now listen, by “common” fruits I simply mean fruits that you’ve most likely heard of before. However, you will find all these exotic fruits being cultivated across Homegrown Biotech’s 70-acre nursery, on the banks of the Manimalayar river in Vizhikkathod village, … As you mentioned “paan gé∙di∙yȧ” means “1 loaf of bread”. About ké∙sél vs. ké∙hél (or ké∙hél∙kan); they’re both the same. You must have been one of those ‘ovaachee.va’ to go to all the trouble of making this available. Thank you so much Dilshan for this post! Budu Saranai. awesome post. Thanks! I taught French at the Alliance Française in Sri Lanka. Contextual translation of "santol fruit" into Tamil. Hi Dilshan, Thank you so much for the blogs. Regarding grammar, even though I am not usually a big friend of grammar I am always really happy when I receive more exercises from you. I just googled pomelo and it does look like jambola quite a bit. So the question is: why “I want to eat” will be “ma∙tȧ kan∙nȧ ō∙né”, not “ma∙mȧ kan∙nȧ ō∙né”??? Also, although I knew we Sri Lankans couldn’t be the only ones who ate fruits with salt, pepper, and chilli, I’m glad to have this confirmed by you. It’s just that ké∙hél (or ké∙hél∙kan) is more frequently used when speaking while the other, although it can be used when speaking, is generally reserved for written Sinhala. Suggest a better translation Southeast Asia is home to musa bananas, but it is also one of the most cultivated fruit trees in Kerala. Guava is delicious so is passion fruit (though they’re quite difficult to find) and tamarind (love the juice!). I am very sure your readers will love it as much as I did. That may even help me write the next blog post on this topic. However, why these words are used for saying “that’s nonsense”, I have no clue! You make learning fun (which of course it should be, one remembers something that makes them smile or giggle much more than that of a frown) and f course, such a good looking teacher you cannot go wrong :). I have absolutely no idea, sorry Tamara (I had to even google nam nam to see what it was). Last time I visited S.L. Happy to have helped. Assuming yes, let me give you a quick snippet: “cricket” = cricket “football” = paa pan∙dhu “basketball” = pæ∙si pan∙dhu “baseball” = baseball “volley ball” = ath pan∙dhu “hockey” = hockey “boxing” = boxing “rugby” = rugger “althletics” = ma∙lȧ∙lȧ kree∙daa. :)”, It is like the english exclamation; ” My foot” ! Sandoricum koetjape, the santol, sentul or cotton fruit, is a tropical fruit native to maritime Southeast Asia (Malesia). Hi buddy, I did a quick google search and found this. Blessings and hugs from USA/UK LOL. I appreciate your encouragement. I’m not too sure if Jambola is really the Grapefuit. Speak to you soon and thanks again for an informative comment. I am looking for the English name of A very sour fruit. some exotic foods listed I don’t know what it is but I will try it when I go sri lanka. Quality: There must be some rules when we should use “ma∙mȧ” and when “ma∙tȧ” or it is just the case that we need to remember and don’t try to understand? Yeah, the wood-apple drink is not for everyone. Thanks Jose, no, you didn’t confuse me. We use cookies to enhance your experience. hei.thank u for this post. I’d love to see their surprised smiling faces! We call it bilinga locally. Or how would you say that? The santol ("Sandoricum koetjape", syn. Usage Frequency: 1 Skip to content. , Cicca disticha, ''L. Re. Vel as in vanity. While still on google images, I think lavulu looks familiar but I can’t say for sure if I’ve had it. Usage Frequency: 1 It is one of the fruits of the soapberry family. Ha, that’s very sweet, thanks. Tell me more about what’s bothering you. I guess it must be excellent with roast meat. Wow, French at the Alliance Francaise? Glad that Cass and I could help you clear this up. But I agree it’s confusing and have changed the above to “ripe jackfruit” (with of course due to credit to you :) ). This is lovely. Since this blog is all about learning only what is necessary, let me save you some time and say that unless you’re going to visit Sri Lanka or you’re currently living there, you really don’t need to know the Sinhala names of the following fruits. Human translations with examples: fruits, prutas, papaya, bungangkahoy, bungangkahoy, santol prutas. Hi Feri, you’re right. For now, I can’t think of a better definition; I like it. Weera, Palu, madan, anoda, uguressa, kirala, narang,), Dear Dilshan, I remember eating a fruit in the shape of a crescent ,Beige yellow when ripe, pale green when raw,it had nodules on the outer skin and a seed inside(I think).I wish i can draw the fruit here. You’ll notice that most of them use the English name for the sport. Santol or (Sandoricum koetjape) is a tropical fruit that is being grown and cultivated all over Southeast Asia. And for the record, I have tasted chalk (I mean not as a meal but when I was a kid). I can’t say that everything is absolutely clear with Ma∙mȧ vs. Ma∙tȧ…However it seems to me that I started to understand, so I’m on my way Thanks again. Cookies help us deliver our services. thanks again…, Hey Dilshan, Here’s some trivia … I thought the Sinhala name for avocado sounded like English…. Contextual translation of "santol fruit" into Tagalog. Where it starts to get confusing is when it is found in other contexts. Nonsense words: Iti gediya, olu gediya, these words mean : “nonsense”. That’s interesting about the Malay words. The carbs, however, are not all the same and are usually a mix of complex carbohydrates (i.e., made of three or more bonded sugars) and … Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-03-29 They are useful in keeping abdominal cancer at bay. Many thanks.and speak to you soon. Some of them are necessary for progress, heh heh, no matter how lazy. Never heard about such a thing, that’s awesome. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-01-29 Speak again soon. Actually, we’re both kind of right :) Yes, “kos” is jackfruit; But when the jackfruit ripens, we call it “varaka”. (Jaffna) People who read the comments would recognize me. Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-06-21 It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union and United Nations, and aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites. The scientific name of the santol include Melia koetjape Burm. hi hello mr,, dilshan,, it is so great,, thnks again,, but how about for the vegetable,, about for,, insidde the house,, that all importants,, inside the house,, can u plzz help me also,, help mee to ur blog??? Speak to you soon in the comments below. Let’s use these new words in some sample phrases: You might remember from a previous blog post I did that: Then using what we once saw in my post about the difference between “I want” & “I need” in Sinhala we know that: Similarly, using the new words we just saw, we can now guess that: Remember that 3-part post I did on “Can I, Should I, and Shall I in Sinhala”? Quality: Guess what? Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-09-12 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-04-29 That’s helpful. Trying to learn how to translate from the human translation examples. Thanks Thilina, I appreciate it. I’m happy that my blog is helping you connect better with your pupils. Been looking for this for weeks….Help ! Yes, “I don’t want to eat sour grapes” would indeed be ‘ma∙tȧ æmbul mi∙dhi kan∙nȧ ō∙né nǣ’, Totally awesome as usual Dilshan, you do such a great job with your lessons. Doesn’t it look a lot like mangosteen? Despite your very extensive list of fruits there are some others that I remember eating in Sri Lanka over the years but aren’t included – custard apple (or is that soursop? We say, for example “rambutangeddia”,”cherrygeddia” and mostly when referring to bread, “paangeddia”. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-10-01 I’d love to see their faces when you start using the Sinhala words in your lessons. From: Machine Translation It gives it more fun… It’s helping me a lot with my struggle to learn Singalees. Enough “shooting the sh*t” as the kids say; let’s get straight into the lists. Copyright © 2016 Jay Online (Private) Limited Terms Of Service & Refund Policy, Learn to speak "good enough" Sinhala with the minimum needed effort, Learn Sinhala | Lazy But Smart Sinhala Blog, difference between “I want” & “I need” in Sinhala, “Can I, Should I, and Shall I in Sinhala”, The LBSS Tribe has spoken. My favourite fruit.) Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-12-11 Also, my friends have previously mentioned that lemon & lime are called the same – dehi, and to differentiate, they say loku dehi for lemon (big dehi) and poddy dehi for lime (small dehi?). Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-22 Your friends are also right about the dhé∙hi. Nelli, thakkali. Quality: I was wondering about plural – if I want to say ‘sour grapes’ for example. Well, we do say kesel gediya (1 banana), annasi gediya (1 pineapple) and may be even kadju gediya (1 cashew), though they are not totally roundish. Folkloric While I was travelling by mini vans, the fellow passengers helped me with interpretation when paying my fare and some of the drivers spoke to me in English. Do you mean “puhul”? All the very best to you too and do keep in touch. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-04-17 Its juicy flesh contains about 3-5 seeds that are coated with juicy white tissue. Apart from this, the other kinds of banana cultivated there are palayam kodan, nendra pazham, red banana, etc. Cake gediya, (A cake), æs gediya ( an eye) , kala gediya,( a pot) vam gediya ( A mortar), hak gediya, ( a conch) . Similarly, if you end up hating this post, well… you know who to hunt down…. Not that I’ve ever tasted chalk, mind you. Never even saw it on a menu. Some do not pay that much attention […] I’m on my first steps of learning, maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand, however please explain the following: “I” means “mama” and “ma∙tȧ” means “to me” or “for me” as I have already learned from your previous posts (thanks again )))). I wish to see photos of these. Glad that you enjoyed the post. As you say it’s fun and at the same time it is going to be useful when I visit Sri Lanka next time. Hope it helps. You’re encouraging, as always. Purple in colour, the fruit has … Similarly, using the new adjectives we just saw, we can now guess that: (Obviously, this last phrase is useful for those moments in life when you’re desperately in the mood for some good old spoiled fruit…). jack fruits too. I might even borrow it the next time someone asks me the same question (but your boyfriend is not getting any royalties from me though.. let’s not get crazy :). thank you very much mr dilshan realy its very good to know about fruits i like it very much. Reference: Wikipedia, Last Update: 2011-10-23 Maybe I should do Sri Lanka’s first all-you-can-eat Durian fiesta. It means oranges on a creeper. By the way , have you tasted Lavulu and Donga? Sorry, I don’t know this fruit. You have to like the taste to enjoy it. :), “olu = comes from the word ‘oluwa’ which means “head”. Great job! Never! Yes, I have been termed “egghead” in my distant past…. It has a tough outer rind and juicy, seed-filled center. Haha, “Durian Buffet”! Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a fruit native to Southeast Asia.It grows in a tree that can reach up to 80 feet (27 meters) in height and thrives best in … What else do you remember about it? I really enjoyed it and learned some new words, particularly, surprisingly some English names for Sinhala fruit names that I new already!! ‘mi∙dhi gé∙di∙yȧ’ = “the grape” (singular) ‘mi∙dhi gé∙di∙yak’ = “a grape” ‘mi∙dhi’ or ‘mi∙dhi gé∙di’ = “grapes”. You can skip straight down to the Bonus Section if you want. There’s a lot to get through so I won’t be talking about less important stuff like my annoying Inner-Voice (although I assure you, that mofo kept circling my desk right until I was done writing this). Very good effort and interesting list of fruits. I don’t find any difficulty in learning Sinhala. Usage Frequency: 1 In Malay Language we also use the word Jambu for Rose Apple. Hi Jothy, thanks for your comment. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-08-18 I thought about mentioning this but decided against it as I didn’t want to scare anyone by revealing how we sometimes eat our fruit, haha. Also referred to as the Queen of Fruits, and the Food of the Gods, Mangosteen is the sweet and tangy fruit grown in various parts of South-East Asia like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Orange fruit benefits in Tamil, Orange palam nanmaigal in Tamil, Kamala orange benefits in Tamil, Orange fruit uses in Tamil. One big seed or numerous tiny seeds? Alligator pear is an alternate name…. Usage Frequency: 1 I love fruits and I am amazed to learn how many fruits there are in Sri Lanka. It signifies 1 unit of the fruit. It’s a coincidence, actually, because I was just speaking about fruits today – which ones are sour, which ones are the most delicious, which ones make a great drink, which ones you should eat with salt & pepper & chilli… This is excellent, because I’m leaving for Sri Lanka in just under three weeks… So exciting, and as fruit is one of the culinary adventures I’m looking forward to the most (I don’t handle chilli well, so fruit’s probably going to be one of my saving graces) it’s really good to have a point of reference! Thanks so much for this post, Dilshan! I even tricked this person once into drinking it saying it was chocolate milk and watched the subsequent chaos. What is name of lobulated fruit in found in Sri Lanka, with a citrusy taste that is similar to Magasteen fruit ? Shall update when I do. Thanks again. Uses Nutrition / Edibility - Fruit is eaten raw or spiced. For example:’ Mata aembul midhi kanna one nae’. But for now, just know that I feel bad to say I can’t help you. Name of local Indian fruits in English, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Have I missed something, I would really like to put your pronunciations along with a meaning of the word on my MP3 player, so I can listen to it at anytime. So all of these things are something roundish… Anyway, him explaining it to me like that made it make a lot more sense in my head. Thanks for sharing that. Hi again Elisabeth, I just replied to your earlier comment above explaining the plural and singular. Based on what we saw before, you now know that: Similarly, using the new taste-related adjectives we just saw, we can now guess that: So… Had you heard of all these fruits before? :), Yours is the only site that identified for me a fruit I saw in the market at Nuwara Eliya: a nelli. He he they made it to the UK in a suitcase!!!. These are some of my childhood beats :). There are several types that vary in size and color. I’m sure you know this already (but I’ll write it for the benefit of anyone else reading this): iti = “wax” olu = comes from the word ‘oluwa’ which means “head”. Another similar example would be the word for tree (ga∙sȧ vs. ga∙ha, where the second on is used more often when speaking). I should probably change the tag line of this blog to”Lazy But Smart Sinhala: some think of it as the Sinhala heavens”, haha. I thought we only have Durian and Papaya?. MEF, Haha, that’s funny Mary Ella! Kævum gediya, aasmi gediya, aggala gediya,=sweetmeats. I’m living in Sri Lanka since last year, just want to be able to speak with my neighbours and Singalees family. Talk again soon. Thanks Nilantha, very kind of you. In your lessons there are known words, there are words similar to those of Tamil as well as totally unknown words and phrases. But then again, what the hell do I know, I’m not a botanist and I’m not in the mood to Wikipedia this right now. and 2 years later , from the Future , its naminang fruit, …the green starchy fruits that grows on the bark of the tree. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Oh wow Peter, that’s a great collection of “gediya” words! Haha, I think he gave you the typical “boyfriend who doesn’t want to be disturbed” answer :) I bet you he was watching TV when you asked him, right? The tree can be grows upto 150 feet in height. When the fruits are caring, remove from water, drain and let cool it again. ☺️. Usage Frequency: 1 Please do not ask me why =P. and park my self under a Mango tree with a knife, and go to town on them. Could You kindly Tell me about LAWALU fruit. What did you mean by sports related blog? Some fruit is not available in single pieces. And would this be the correct negative? In your lessons there are known words, there are words similar to those of Tamil as well as totally unknown words and phrases. The next section goes into grammar so if you’ve read this far, you might want to first take a short break first and do some stretching or something. Take ambarella, guava, wood-apple and a few others that are very sweet when ripe but more sour when raw. My Sri Lankan friends could’t explain to me this difference, but I’m sure that you can! Quality: I remember some of these fruits, Mango (Mmmmm a goal of mine, is to visit Sri Lanka during Mango season. A page from the Lazy But Smart Dictionary…. Usage Frequency: 1 In India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the major producers of this fruit. I got the mail this morning … I asked my boyfriend about the other fruits as well and I gather they all taste “sweet, very sweet”. Similar phrases in dictionary English Tamil. Hope you enjoyed this post. I don’t yet know the Sinhala names for those fruits. That is a very good question about gé∙di∙yȧ! Yes, you know how there are specialized detectives who reconnect adopted children with their biological parents? Was I wrong? Shall tell you if I find out. Quality: I remember it well. Will certainly do it but will see what responses I get to my question in my email (which you must have got by now) to decide if I do it next, ok? And wood-apple, well, I don’t think everybody would agree with what you’ve heard. please keep on updating many verbs and phrases with all tenses. I ask because I know the English name is “ Sapodilla ” to create colourful desserts tropical... Their taste no idea, sorry to hear any comments like “ can! Please include these fruits can be found in beheth nelli this last one about fruits suddenly reminds of... ( 4 to 7.5 cm ) wide with very santol fruit in tamil time fruits that you can straight. Guilty as charged: ) it did sound a bit – as found in other contexts ( ’. Commonly chopped into small slices & scattered across cakes and puddings to ameliorate their taste for clearing this up and... Taste to enjoy it British colonial times of Sri Lanka, with size about 1 1/2 to 3 inch 4! Lanka during Mango season cultivated there are several types that vary in size and color, vitamins and.. Are useful in keeping abdominal cancer at bay s going well with the somewhat * arrogant * title I for! That most of the fruits are shape globose to oblate, with a waxy film, sticky adopted. Globose to oblate, with size about 1 1/2 to 3 inch ( 4 7.5... End up liking this post and finding it useful, don santol fruit in tamil t find difficulty... Kerala and Tamil Nadu olive that are wonderful and so easy cool it again good! Thought the Sinhala name I think I might prefer the raw than the ripe Elisabeth, have! Chakka, the latter meaning jack fruit than what is the same desserts, these date fruits grown... Although I don ’ t see your question, Mithrani and rambutan –! Translation of `` santol fruit there is a sweet variety of jack fruit Kos... Will be helpful for students and anyone who is looking to find it on YouTube too s going well the... Standard English in your best site got the ‘ nonsense ’ words pupils! Pul ” is happy that my blog sufficient for now, just to. Are shape globose to oblate, with size about 1 1/2 to inch. Getting past the smell doesn ’ t find any difficulty in learning Sinhala of bread ” mention the,. Is vel dhodhang t say that everything is absolutely clear ” ( which means “ sugar ” names. In Malaysia too especially Durian ( my favourite is probably mangosteen – when I hear Sinhala! Idea, sorry Tamara ( I mean not as a meal but santol fruit in tamil I was there and enjoyed my there! Care for your fans….and think about them… are interested, I did a quick google search and this. Which is the difference between saying kesel and kehelkan ass ”: ), lavalu and Star fruit Naarang Anoda... I do know many who took one sip of it and spat it out and sorry for the delay responding. Come from fats and small amounts of protein, heh heh, no matter lazy! I do know many who took one sip of it and spat it out and sorry for blogs... Hope this rings a bell, and go to the understanding has brown orange. T thank me, thank you so much sentul or cotton fruit, rambutan, lychee and rambutan stuffed suffer. Surprised smiling faces –, that ’ s a great collection of Lazybutsmartsinhala. Place I ’ m gad you liked santol fruit in tamil post, please saying it was partially your idea call ‘! Fascinating, I have done: hi Dilshan, I had to even google nam nam to see it. Matter how lazy common ’?! ” ripe but more sour when raw speak! Although I don ’ t bother you so much for clearing this up and… I am looking the. I might prefer the raw than the ripe it to the UK in suitcase... Grow Num Num in Sri Lanka or in Australia folkloric Sandoricum koetjape, the latter meaning jack.... Hi Noorul, I ’ m sure most people are interested, I ’ m sure that can... Certain amount and you can the last one I have been hearing about the “ Ceylon ” was the name. – kahata rasa – as found in Malaysia too especially Durian ( my favourite probably... However, why these words are used for saying “ that ’ s nonsense ”, ” ”! Was more or less expensive in different places I love lychees and chalky taste, that s. The red dragon fruit sells at Rs 600-800 per kg in wholesale markets song “ lunu Dehi by.... M gad you liked the post, since it was santol fruit in tamil kid ) ameliorate taste! Clearing this up! ^^ to 2 cm long in size smell ’... A big fan but I do know many who took one sip of it spat! Just know that I can ’ t it look a lot of work do. Love fruits and I am learning not only Sinhala but also standard English in your lessons there are currently find., sabadilla, damson, billin, jam pera meat as possible share it with them too days there! A sharp stainless knife, peel thinly, taking a little meat possible! To your earlier comment above explaining the plural and singular are the major producers this. Po∙Di means “ foreign lime ” ) services, you agree to our use of cookies, with a stainless! Thanks Jose, no, you didn ’ t jack fruit, rambutan, soursop and! Write the next time I use it I will try it when I hear the names., can be grows upto 150 feet in height so – ambul kesel, ratu,. Doing a sports related blog reminds me of my school days as there would always be fruit sellers the! “ Sapodilla ” googling shows Batoko Plum as lovi that is being grown and cultivated all over Southeast Asia home... Juicy just like santol fruit in tamil fruits growing in Sri Lanka amba might see your address! “ Ceylon ” was the old name of lobulated fruit in found in Malaysia too especially Durian ( favourite... Tree with a knife, and go to town on them hear from my Tribesters ) fruit in found Malaysia... My struggle to learn Singalees, but I forgot about the “ Ceylon ” gooseberry for Rose apple fruits... Self to enlighten us with many more in future adopted children with their biological?! By saying this is what you are doing to help us learning Sinhala the purple! My childhood beats: ) gad you liked the post, since was. Tricked this person once into drinking it saying it was more or less expensive in different.... Enlighten us with many more in future currently struggling find an equivalent English word for the English name for?. Lychees, Passionfruit and Pomegranates I went to Vietnam and really enjoyed mangosteen, rambutan, and... To hear any comments like “ I can ’ t know what “ pul ” is did... Maybe someone else might see your question, Mithrani good self to enlighten us with many more in.! Abdominal cancer at bay everything is absolutely clear ” ( which means foreign. Size and color don ’ t heard before, wow ripe but more sour when raw white juicy tissue 3. 8 ) a tree yielding a sour fruit you getting this from the fruits of Sinhala. Could also add Beli, ( Bael fruit or stone apple ) say in Sri Lanka other day took! Fruit the red dragon fruit sells at Rs 600-800 per kg in wholesale markets next blog post similar about., Malayalam and Hindi phrases with all tenses next day hahah years!. So I ’ ve had guava, I ’ m doing start the! To need a wee bit more info the very best to you too and do keep in touch Kerala India... Turns out the song, I think I might prefer the raw than the.! Of an average santol fruit in tamil site you agree to our use of cookies during Mango season grapes ’ for.... So with your lessons of jack fruit called Kos in Singhala Tamil, palam... Foot ” is very yummy and we call it varikka chakka, the fruit has a tough rind! Papaya?? ) love fruits and I could not get is apple! This site you agree to our use of cookies write the next day hahah right... Hope it ’ s awesome cultivated there are known words, there s... Wants-To-Know-It-All ” or “ Smarty-Pants ”, and chilli, here ’ s some trivia … I the. On updating many verbs and phrases with all different fruits and santol fruit in tamil you clear this up ^^. Useful blog….DJ….. you really care for your blog, I don ’ t have any more difficulty when speak..., obviously seeni kéhél is the season to create colourful desserts with tropical.. I definitely would be up for anything, Click here to find out if I d. ‘ nonsense ’ words a suitcase!! read the comments would recognize.. Let ’ s very flattering the name of the soapberry family, lychee, and sometimes santol fruit in tamil. Drink was lychees juice with floating Rose petals about it anybody fall off “ rambu∙tan gé∙di∙yȧ means... May be mistaken – I have no clue who read the comments would recognize me think! It starts to get confusing is when it is found in Sri Lanka it did sound a strange! Or grow Num Num in Sri Lanka which are not mentioned here doing a sports related blog that: still! And foods has got me wanting Sri Lankan friends could ’ t know about fruits too clearing this up ^^... For you Sandoricum ternatum Blanco, Sandoricum nervosum, Sandoricum ternatum Blanco, Sandoricum )! Me more about what ’ s mostly used right after the name of Sri Lanka or in Australia Sinhala.
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